The Destuff-IT™ is designed to aid workers who unload floor-based product from trailers and containers. This unloader is used on inbound receiving docks and has a modular belt which travels in one direction.

Operators can achieve greater throughput with less fatigue and muscle strain because of optimal positioning to the box wall. Workers stand on the operator platform and are able to access controls, drive and steer. With use of hydraulic power, an operator controls the vertical height of the platform in order to safely be positioned to the product being unloaded. While standing on the platform, a worker grasps the rotary handle which allows the pivoting conveyor to be easily guided left and right. This maneuverability allows the operator to position the conveyor near the product. This significantly reduces risk of injury from repetitive lifting, twisting, carrying and overhead reaching.

With proven productivity gains that not only reduce unload time, but also reduce or eliminate demurrage charges, standby charges and drop trailer charges, the Destuff-IT™ can also reduce the number of doors needed for the unload operation with more trailer turns per door. The robust construction of each Destuff-IT™ make it an ideal unloader for multi-shift operations.

Typically, companies who start using a Destuff-IT™ machine over their usual step-stool method see a reduction in unload times of 50%. The total man hours required to unload a trailer are reduced by a similar amount. While the case rate will vary due to box size & weight, it is typically in excess of 800 boxes per hour. In addition, the unit can be connected to an auto palletizer for even higher case rates and further labor reductions.

Results achieved by a Destuff-IT™ customer:

Destuff-It Unit
Offloading with
Destuff-IT Unit
Destuff-it Pilot
Average # of People2.
Average # of Man Hours11.14.8-6.3-57.00%
Average # of Cases/Man Hour28340211942.10%
Average # of Cases/Hour6771540864127.60%
Destuff-IT Pilot Results Identified1.1 more people to offload container
57% reduction in manhours
42% improvement in cases/manhour
128% improvement in cases/hour


  • Inbound warehouse unloading docks handling boxes, carpet rolls and tires.
  • Distribution & warehouses handling delicate product, floor loaded [non-palletized] in shipping containers or trailers.
  • Portability of machine allows it to be used at multiple dock doors.

Conveyor System Integration

  • Powered Flexible Roller Conveyor – Powered flexible roller conveyor is the most common type of conveyor to integrate with the Destuff-IT™. The Destuff-IT™ is able to connect with various brands on the market today. A mechanical coupler connects the Destuff-IT™ to the flexible conveyor and a quick-connect electrical coupler provides power and controls interface.
  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor – When the circumstance requires, the Destuff-IT™ is capable of integrating with telescopic belt conveyors. This type of conveyor is preferred for tire handling and bag handling.

Portability & Versatility

The Destuff-IT™ machine is easily driven from dock to dock under its own independent power. These self-propelled machines have an integrated drive and steering system capable of negotiating dock leveler slopes and transition plates. Operators use easy to reach controls to travel forward, reverse, left and right.

Destuff-IT™ machines can be integrated with powered flexible roller conveyor and are capable of pulling or pushing conveyor sections into or out of trailers or containers. ELS engineers assess the product to be conveyed and recommend types suitable to the application or integrate units to existing conveyor.

Return On Investment (ROI) Expectations: Each Destuff-IT™ machine is a capital investment, so understanding costs and associated ROI specific to your operation is essential. Your ROI will depend on factors such as number of containers unloaded, current unload time, labor costs etc. This information will be used to contrast against known transfer rates associated with utilizing a Destuff-IT™ for your operation.

Simple ROI Examples:

 Plumbing SupplyLiquidatorSmall Appliance
Before Destuff-ITWith Destuff-ITBefore Destuff-ITWith Destuff-ITBefore Destuff-ITWith Destuff-IT
# of People343421
# of Hours5261.911.51.15
Total Man Hours158187.6431.15
Burdened Labor Rate$17.00$17.00$16.06$16.06$16.25$16.25
Cost to Unload 1 Container$255.00$136.00$289.08$122.70$48.75$18.69
# of Containers/Year6006001920192033443344
Annual Cost$153,000.00$81,600.00$555,033.60$235.580.93$163,020.00$62,491.00
Annual Savings$71,400.00$319,452.67$100,529.00
Notes:- boxes from 2 lbs to 42 lbs
- manual palletizing
- powered flex conveyor
- one shift
- boxes from 10 lbs to 50 lbs
- manual palletizing
- powered flex conveyor
- two shifts
- 5 lbs to 30 lbs
- auto palletizing
- powered flex and rigid conveyor
- two shifts