The industrial revolution was based on people creating machines to do work more effectively. Many early adopters realized savings far exceeding initial estimates. This is similar to the Destuff-IT™. Once installed, on average, these machines have an ROI of less than 24 months and are exceeding the overall user expectations.

Unloading operations see benefits of Destuff-IT™ machines in areas of health & safety, increased productivity and facility utilization.

Health & Safety: Health & safety benefits are primarily achieved by good product design ergonomics that reduce worker lifting, twisting, carrying and overhead reaching.

Increased Productivity: Increased productivity is best understood by seeing the Destuff-IT™ as an assist which helps the team to convey product  for palletizing operations. Organizations using the standard step-stool method may realize an increase in productivity of 50%.

Facility Utilization: Facility utilization and operational benefits are realized thru increased productivity. When an organization is able to effectively load/unload product from a container/trailer, workers may be able to see more turns per door, thereby reducing the need for more shipping doors. Additionally, the Destuff-IT™ is easily relocated to adjacent doors or to the other side of the building because of it’s own independent battery-powered drive system. This means a piece of equipment or track isn’t stationary in any particular dock. The Destuff-IT™ offers flexibility. Organizations find the Destuff-IT™ to be a game changer!

Loading operations see benefits primarily in ergonomics and space utilization and increasing cube density. By having a 3% increase is cube density, one Destuff-IT™ customer is saving millions. Depending on the product, savings from improved cubic density can be significant.

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