Machine innovations have typically been driven by a need to make work easier. The Destuff-IT™ is undeniably good at what it is designed to do and is a ‘game changer’. It delivers more than what is expected and is distinctively different from other solutions such as extendable belt conveyors and powered roller conveyors. It functions in a way that completely changes the unloading operation.

EFFECTIVE in Labour Time Savings

The reason manual labour is the typical method for unloading and loading floor-loaded product in containers and trailers is because there are only a few effective material handling solutions on the market. There are no other direct competing products to the Destuff-IT™ product line. There are extendable conveyors, but the Destuff-IT’s pivoting conveyor and operator platform are so unique, this machine is truly in a class of its own. Destuff-IT™ pilot results identify it takes 1.1 more people to offload product, 57% reduction in manhours, 42% improvement in cases/man hour and a 128% improvement in cases/hour. The savings in unloading operations where workers use the traditional step stool method are undeniable. There will be no savings without the purchase of a Destuff-IT™ machine.

EFFECTIVE in Minimizing Freight Demurrage Costs

Demurrage is defined as the compensation for delaying the unloading of a container or truck and delaying beyond the scheduled departure. Demurrage is issued when your cargo exceeds time allotted sitting at a terminal.  Demurrage amounts may differ based on terminal or carrier and often increase after an initial period of time.  Daily demurrage charges can typically range from $75 to $150 per container, but that’s just for the first 5 days or so.  Charges generally increase the longer the cargo stays at the terminal. Often demurrage charges are dismissed by workers because they have a seemingly zero impact on the operating budget, however, when added up as an annual cost, management may see a significant expense. Without changing the way you do the unload/load, your company will continue to pay demurrage charges, even more so if you expect to grow.

EFFECTIVE in Reducing Injury Compensation Costs

Manual handling is a ‘nasty job’. It’s physically demanding with a high risk of injury from repetitive lifting, twisting, carry and overhead reaching.

The closest competing product to the Destuff-IT™ is an extendable or telescopic belt conveyor, however, most are unable to move side to side or lower to the floor. For the lower portion of the box wall, workers still need to lift product onto the belt.  When there is no side to side accommodation for the conveyor, the consequences to the operator(s) means lifting and twisting product from the side walls. The lifting, twisting and carrying action is the largest contributing factor in MSD worker injuries . Two operators are required to reach both sides because the conveyor is has one horizontal position. In contrast, the Destuff-IT™’s pivoting conveyor can be positioned side to side and up and down, and only requires one operator.  Additionally, when using an extendable or telescopic belt conveyor, the operator is not lifted and the health and safety pain points of not following good ergonomics remains. The Destuff-IT™ machine has an pivoting conveyor that optimizes conveyor position and a height adjustable platform which ensures the worker has optimal positioning to the box wall.

As previously noted, an Ontario distributor of vintage wine & spirits has multiple Destuff-IT™ machines. Regarding injury compensation costs, they have experienced an 86% claim reduction in lost time injuries.

EFFECTIVE in Reducing Insurance Premiums

Often people who perform manual handling unloading and loading are sub-contracted from service agencies because of the high cost associated with compensating injured workers. With manual handling operations, there are additional health and safety concerns such as dropped product injuries, falls and musculoskeletal injuries. MSD injuries, particularly to the lower back and shoulders, are attributed to repetitive motion, strain, cumulative trauma, and overuse of muscles involved with repeated bending, lifting, twisting, carrying, overhead reaching, and awkward positioning. The bottom line is there are too many injuries which can affect a company’s fiscal health.

Knowing the cost of a Destuff-IT™ isn’t the same as knowing the value of it! The value of a Destuff-IT™ is in its effectiveness. Consider renting a machine as a way of testing its effectiveness. Speak with a Destuff-IT™ Technical Sales person for more details.

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