Welcome to our 4 part series developed from a quotation by Henry Ford: “If you need a machine but don’t buy it, you will ultimately find that you have paid for it, but don’t have it”.

During this series, we will explore whether or not your operation could benefit from owning a Destuff-IT™, holdbacks companies experience when investing in new technology, how a Destuff-IT™  can improve efficiencies and the finally, highlighting the costs of not investing in your operation.

 Part 1: Would your operation benefit from owning a Destuff-IT™?

Assessing your current operation is key when determining what works well and what could be improved. For example, are there bottlenecks on either your inbound or outbound docks when handling floor-loaded product?  Do you understand your annual demurrage charges and why they are happening (demurrage charges: fees charged when freight transportation is detained beyond the time allowed for loading and unloading)? Have you investigated your annual insurance premiums? Are they increasing due to repeated worker injury claims?

Independently, any these costs may not raise a red flag, but combined, may show great cause for concern & opportunity for improvement. Making a change to your operation could see far reaching effects.

The Destuff-IT™ is a new innovative machine designed to aid workers who unload and load floor-based product in trailers and containers. Floor-loaded product is frequently handled manually. This is a lengthy and strenuous job that traditionally has a high percentage of MSD injuries. By using a Destuff-IT™ machine, operators can achieve greater throughput with less fatigue and muscle strain because of optimal positioning to the box wall. By using the height adjustable platform, up to two workers can raise or lower the Destuff-IT™ against the box wall. Then, by positioning the pivoting conveyor up, down, left or right, the operator can easily transition product onto the conveyor, without repetitive lifting, twisting, carrying and overhead reaching.

Discovering what you need is the hard part, implementing a solution is the easy part! If your evaluation leads you to realize there are improvements needed to your current handling operation, consider how a Destuff-IT™ can help you achieve operational efficiency while lowering the risk of worker injury. Finding efficiencies is not a new trend however it is an essential part of doing business. Quite frankly, the best time to look for efficiencies and solve problems was last year. The second best time is right now. What are you waiting for?


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