08 Apr 2016

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at MODEX 2016! We had a phenomenal show. A couple of our staff left the show with sore throats, but for Richard, he left it all on the show floor. He spoke with so many interested attendees, he literally lost his voice!

A big thanks also goes out to all of the ELS staff who worked behind the scenes to get us ready to exhibit. While only a few staff got to attend the show, there was a large team who worked tirelessly to prepare our booth. From Production to Electrical, Shipping & Receiving to Accounting, we were proud to showcase a product made by such a dedicated team!

The interest in the Restuff-ITTM was so strong, we increased our lead count from MODEX 2014 by almost 160%!

It’s no wonder this machine is so popular with 3PLs and DCs. With proven productivity gains that not only reduce unload times by up to 50%, this ergonomic assist reduces fatigue and muscle strain because it puts operators in an optimal position to the box wall.

Don’t wait for Promat 2017 in Chicago to see a Restuff-ITTM in action! Call today for more information.


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