So many DCs & 3PLs operate using the same tools they did 25 years ago. Can you imagine if you still used the same phone you did 25 years ago? Your portable phone was attached to your car & it only made calls. It couldn’t receive texts or emails. It certainly couldn’t take pictures or video. But imagine saying, I am going to keep my car phone. It gets the job done. Seems very restrictive considering how we operate with our phones these days.

Somehow when it comes to warehouses, businesses have a mindset of 25 years ago. Conveyor may have been introduced to speed up the process, but overall, many DCs require their workers to use step stools or jump to reach floor-based product in containers or trailers.

In the words of Henry Ford, “If you need a machine but don’t buy it, you will ultimately find that you have paid for it, but don’t have it.”

Quite a profound statement. And very true. So many times in business today, managers restrict their buying power to achieve success on their bottom line. The fact is, had they invested in their operation instead of maintaining the status quo, the overall effect on the organization would be greater than just dollars and cents.

Finding efficiencies is not a new trend; it is an essential part of doing business. Quite frankly, the best time to look for efficiencies and solve problems was last year. The second best time is right now.

So what are you going to do?

What do you have in place to assist your workers to effectively load & unload floor-based product from trailers & containers?  What if their productivity could be increased by 50%?

Are you maximizing cube utilization inside each trailer or container? What would an additional 3% inside each trailer mean to your overall operation?

Do you have a firm grasp on the demurage charges incurred at your docks each year? What if that figure could be reduced?

Doing nothing to address these issues is no longer acceptable. The Destuff-IT machine is an ergonomic assist which aids workers who load & unload floor-loaded product in containers and trailers. It is 21st century technology for DCs.  3PLs who have left the 90s behind by ditching the step stool and effectively integrating a Destuff-IT into their operation have seen significant reductions in turnaround times. Operators experience more throughput and greater handling capacity with less fatigue and muscle strain because of optimal positioning to the box wall.  It is common for a single person on a Destuff-IT to achieve a case rate in excess of 800 boxes per hour, depending on the size and weight of the box. Whether handling a single SKU or dozens, the Destuff-IT aids in getting boxes to the dock are for sorting and palletizing in an efficient manner.

1991 called. It wants its car phone back.

Call 844-944-9870 and get your DC operating in the 21st century.

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